Lifelong Learning

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E-Learning, online learning, web-based learning: many names for the same remarkable concept.

This manner of learning is changing when, where, and how we learn. Those of us teaching and learning online are at the vanguard. Technology changes daily and we must too, as we build the flexible habits of mind to adapt and grow in these evolving virtual environments.

The past decade has been well spent learning to integrate technology and curriculum. My work in interdisciplinary and thematic teaching classroom teaching had been the most satisfying experience of my life as an educator. Now the internet is allowing me to reach beyond my classroom to a greater world of ideas and innovation. I've earned two online masters degrees in the past five years. My first masters specialized in Online Teaching and Learning. The program at Cal-State University East Bay opened many doors.  In 2005 I completed the Masters of Education program at Western Governors University. The emphasis on instructional design and technology integration has opened even more doors.

At the national level I work with the Milken Family Foundation, the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy, the ISTE National Educational Technology Standards initiative, The University of Wisconsin-Stout Online Professional Development Program, and the E-Learning and Online Teaching Program at UW-Stout. This meaningful work continues to refine my professional practice as I apply the knowledge and insights gained in thirty years of teaching.

In the early 80's I caught the first waves of educational technology and classroom transformation. Now looking at the potential of E-learning I realize that the surf is up once again. I'm convinced the next ten years in the field of online learning and web based training will be thrilling. E-Learning on demand will provide teachers and learners with unimagined opportunities. I look forward to perfecting my balance and enjoying the ride. I'm delighted you found your way here to share the vision!

~Dennis O'Connor, Spring 2007