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Sentence Fluency

6+1 TRAITS™ of Writing Rubrics and Definition of Sentence Fluency

Poetic Sense: Sound & Imagery
This overview of the connections between poetry and prose is a wonderful resource for the Sentence Fluency Trait.

Mini Lessons for Sentence Fluency
These are lessons for elementary and middle school levels.

Teaching Sentence Fluency
A menu of classroom tactics for teaching Sentence Fluency.

Strategies for Sentence Fluency
Here you will find some proven methods for teaching Sentence Fluency.

Sentence Fluency
You will find here several activities for student practice.

Six Traits of Good Writing--Sentence Fluency
This is a student friendly rubric for the Sentence Fluency Trait. You will find a short, well-written essay on Sentence Fluency as well.

Questions To Ask About Sentence Fluency
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