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The Vampire Named Elizabeth Bathory

By Cassie

As I walk up the dark stone steps of Elizabeth Bathory's castle I glance out the windows, noticing that they are the only source of light. My heart is beating deeply and rapidly as I finally reach the hallway in which I was told her bedroom is on. I take a deep breath, afraid of what she may do to me when I confront her about killing 40 young maids and servants by putting them in rooms of spikes where they bleed to death just so she can take "blood showers". She thinks that the young blood will keep her youth so she won't grow old.

I walk down the stone hallway slowly passing by six tall wooden doors before reaching the one I was told she would be in. I close my eyes thinking about the worst that can happen to me as my hand reaches for the doorknob.

I open the heavy door slowly and take two steps into the dark, black room before I see her with a pale, limp body placed on her bed. I feel my eyes widen as I see her, Elizabeth Bathory, lowered next to the body. Her sharp teeth are sinking into the victim's bloody neck. The vampire looks up and into my eyes as if trying to hypnotize me. I want to take a step backwards and run for my life, but I will not let myself.

I came to this castle to kill this monster…this vampire. I take a step towards her with my hand tightly gripped on the handle of the dagger hidden just inside my long, black coat. I pull it out and slowly walk towards her, ready to stab her if she come near me. My gaze goes back to her eyes…there's something about her eyes. She is sitting on her bed coldly, next to the corpse. She smiles now, showing her long, sharp fangs and the blood still trickling down the corners of her mouth. I move closer to her until I stand only inches away from Elizabeth Bathory. My dagger is lifted now, and ready to do its job.

Her old, wrinkly hand grabs my arm. Her sharp nails dig into my skin. I yelp in pain as her index finger moves to my thumb. She drags it across, cutting it while watching the blood drip down my hand. I look at her with terror, too shocked to do anything but watch. She brings my hand up to her mouth and puts my cut thumb to her lips and swallows gulps of my blood. I Instantly try to pull away but her strength overpowers me. When she pulls away, I feel faint. Just as the elegant room starts to fade away, she shoves a cut finger to my lips.

Just as I push it away I feel a drop of her blood land on my tongue. I taste the wonderful taste of her blood. It is nothing like anything I have ever tasted before! I pull her thumb to my lips and drink the warm, thick liquid. I feel my strength come back to me…more than I had before.

She pulls her hand away and looks to me with an evil smile and says to me, "Welcome, my fellow vampire.

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