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The Urchin's Call to Power

The urchin is blue,

The urchin is spiky,

The urchin is all-powerful,

The urchin is mighty!


As the urchin walked along the cold, lonely desert highway in the sea, he thought to himself what he would be eventually. He was six months old, teenaged for his time. He had already gone through school and was thinking about either college or a job.

The urchin walked past the college for a 4.04 grade. He saw a kid trying to get in by pushing on a lettered door stenciled PULL. He continued down the path of colleges and saw one that he was interested in. The door was labeled in bold and said, "The Call to Power".

He walked in and saw a desk with applications on it. Either not many urchins went to school here, he thought, or this college has had many more applications. In the application, he saw a number of questions to answer. The weirdest thing, he thought to himself, they have no column for a name. He started to fill out the form, top to bottom.

He got to the 4th page, and saw the question, what would you like your slogan for power to be? He thought to himself, hmmm… a funny question… what would I like? He skipped the question and continued on. On the last page, he answered a question that asked his species. Funny, he thought, they must teach many species here.

He went back to the question he had skipped and started to think of a slogan, a poem more like, he thought.

"The urchin is blue, the urchin is spiky, the urchin is all powerful, the urchin is mighty," The urchin said to himself.

The clerk at the front must have heard him mumble this and commented, "That is a very nice… poem. I think it will work just fine."

He completed the form and looked over it, thinking if he wanted to change anything in it. He decided it was just fine and gave it to the clerk. The clerk took it and put it into a small mechanical thing.

"If I may ask, what is that?" The urchin asked the clerk.

"Oh, this… It is a computer, just released under the water; humans have used it for years. It is a technological item that will process your form, send it through a series of tests, and tell you in less than 10 seconds how good you will be in this college. Oh, here it is. Ahhhh… It says that you will, well, that is very interesting, it says you will do very, very good. Not many people get a rating of Humanoid Interest in Power. I think I will even get you a group of species, each with 20 creatures each. Go down the blue hall and take the door that is stenciled with the letters ABGHTS Z. Make sure you don't touch anything, wait 10 minutes or so and you will find a new job. You get money from people paying; taxes, funding, donations, and tributes are what you could call them. Well, I guess this is good-bye, remember yourself, and never give in to others." The clerk turned around and started typing.

The urchin walked to the blue hall and walked down it. In a minute or so, after about 5 doors, the urchin saw the door he needed. He walked in and saw many interesting and intriguing things. Many of them were just yelling out to be taken and collected, some just sat there, doing nothing. The urchin sat there, being tempted and teased. He contained himself for the 10 minutes, and a door opened on the other side. A human walked through and said for the urchin to follow him. He did just that, and walked into a coliseum type building with at least 50 species, 20 of each specie. As he walked in, everyone in the coliseum shouted out:

"The urchin is blue,

"The urchin is spiky,

"The urchin is all-powerful,

"The urchin is mighty!"

After they had finished, a giant roar broke out. This was the start of the urchin's call to power.

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