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Forgotten Treasure

Life for all, clear and pure,

Shimmering gold in dusk and dawn,

And black into the night,

Reflecting all as an everlasting mirror.

White, green, sky and sapphire blue,

Coral, fish, polyps and mammals of all colors,

The colors unsurpassed by any other place,

So many colors we havenít a clue.

The life is unmatched in any other place,

Fish of such variety; one of every color,

Others so bizarre with two eyes on one side,

They look like aliens from the far reaches of space.

Tides, waves, currents, and undertow,

Creation of the wind, water and moon,

Although they sometimes seem weak,

Itís impossible to stop the immortal flow.

Water so deep manís inventions canít survive,

And the animals live in wonder,

Of what may live above on the land they do not know,

For they do not know past theyíre hive.

Itís a home for the old and new,

Life for everything else,

And yet we do not see,

That it is the treasure of all you see before you.

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