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These things I love to see:

The smooth glistening lake as I break though it with my boat early in the morning.

An open road as I take off on my bike in the late afternoon.

All of my friends at school after I come back from summer vacation.


These things I have to hear:

A squawking bird early in the morning when I am try to sleep.

A crying baby when I am watching a movie.

Squeaky chalk on a black board.


These things I love to feel:

Cold water quickly running against my body as I dive into the lake.

A breeze swooshing through my hair as I walk along the beach.

Warm socks on my feet right after they come out of the dryer.


These things I hate to smell:

The smell of rotten eggs as I pass the sewer in the morning.

Gym socks after they gave been sitting in my locker for a few weeks.

Disgusting cigarette smoke when I pass though the casino.


These things I love to taste:

Cold lemonade on a hot summer day.

Yummy spaghetti as it comes out of a pan.

Sweet vanilla ice cream on a summer night.

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