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One time when I spent the night at my very good friends house we were thinking about sneaking out of the house because we had nothing else to do so that night around 12:00 we decided to go out on the street and have some fun. We get out with out being noisy and we go to the casinos. We bring a lot of money and go to the arcade we never had so much fun in our life but when we got back they were awake it was 2:00 in the morning! But they had no idea that we were out and we walked right in the front door because there was no other way in the house. We go in and it is his brother thank god. I thought he might tell on us. But when we walked in the door we scared him out of his wits. He was so mad at us. But he still didnít tell on us because we have covered for him a few times. So that night we stayed up in till about 6:00 in the morning playing games all day long and nightlong. So we never got caught and to this day no one ever knew about us sneaking out.




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