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Her Life At Risk

"Randi we are going out to work now. You are in charge. Barbara is at her friend's house and will be home about the same time as us. If you have an emergency we will have our phones on." My mother yelled from down the hall. I had told my mom several times that I was old enough to watch my little brothers and sisters. So here I was in charge without my older sister there.

I called to my little sister, Elizabeth. "Do you want to go on the trampoline with me?"

"Okay," she said as she stumbled down the stairs.

We walked out side and started jumping on the trampoline. A few moments later I walked inside to get Elizabeth and I something to drink. When I got out side Elizabeth was no where to be seen. I looked across the yard and noticed that the pool cover was pulled back at the deep end of the pool. I dropped the drink and ran to the end of the pool. I pulled the cover back and what I saw scared me straight. There Elizabeth was struggling to get air. Without thinking twice I dove into the pool. By this time she was drowning.

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