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I can almost see the notes as they fly out of the open end, sounding rusty at first as if out of practice. I jump as a voice flows out of the shaking brass lamp. I stand for a while in awe, half wanting to drop it and run, but also scared even to breathe. I shut my eyes and an image appears. I am sitting in right in the middle of a huge stadium. After a while, I realize I am on stage. There are a few weird looking masked dancers coming out of a chilling mist. The music fades and I am by myself. Suddenly, I find myself in the desert with sand carrying winds whipping and whirling around me. I long for the mists that only a minute ago brought me discomfort. I can hear music coming from the lamp again, this time with a twinge of overcoming and rejoice. This whole lamp thing is a trick, I thought, trying to trap any innocent person walking the beach. Before I opened my eyes, I dropped the lamp onto the sandy beach. I opened my eyes and walked away. The lamp was behind me now.

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