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My brother and I have fights all the time. I always get so pissed off at my brother when he says the same phrase over and over and over. I remember the time when I was playing Starcraft on the Internet with my cousin. Then my brother came up to me and said you are going to lose over and over. By the time he was really irritating me, I told my cousin that I need to take a 1 min. break. After that I was chasing him around the house trying to strangle him. When he ran into his room I shut the door from the outside and started to barricade the door. After that I went back to the game. After we won the game, I was wondering how my brother was doing. I took all the stuff down from the door. When I opened the door, my brother squirted me with his squirt gun. I was lucky that my parents were next to me. When my brother stopped squirting me, my parents came into his room and shut the door. While I was drying up I could hear my parents screaming at my brother. After all the screaming, my dad threw some towels at him and told him to clean up the mess. After that my parents told him that he was grounded for 5 months from computer, TV, Nintendo, going outside, and having his friends coming over.

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