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The Giant

An excerpt from Arlynn’s Adventures,

A novel by Schuyler



At Valborg’s appearance, Arlynn felt faint. How could she possibly marry him? While shorter than his brother, Valborg had greasy, bushy hair that looked as if it had never been brushed in all its existence. The giant’s pants were stained and frayed, with one leg cut shorter than the other. The giant was barefoot, and two of his toes were mysteriously missing. His eyes were small and his eyelashes were short and stubby. His eyebrows joined as one and when he smiled, his few remaining teeth shone a disgusting yellow. His face was smudged with dirt, and when he breathed, snot bubbled out of one fat nostril.

Jeremy Delore poked his daughter in the back, but Arlynn couldn’t find her voice to start the praise she had practiced. Only a gurgle escaped her lips. This was by far too terrible to be possible, and suddenly she felt her stomach begin to church.

Jeremy Delore, annoyed that his daughter had failed to flatter Valborg, shoved her forward hastily. Arlynn tripped and slammed into Valborg’s stomach, and the stench of rotting fish and curdled milk reached her nostrils.

That was her undoing. Her stomach gave a mighty heave, and she lost her lunch, all over the front of Valborg’s already dirty shirt. Arlynn was aghast, and struggled with the words to apologize. What could she possibly say? Her father would never forgive her. But then Valborg did something so disgusting that the words of apology were forced from her mind.

The giant shrugged, pulled his hands out of his pockets, and wiped off the mess. He stared at his hands stupidly, and glanced around. Finally deciding, he cleaned his hands by rubbing them through his matted hair. That was when Arlynn fainted, landing on the ground with a thud.

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