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The Desert

"Grandma? What? I canít hear you." I touched the water and all of the sudden I could hear her.

"Help me Katie! Iím stuck! Get one of the camels and ride down here and save me!"

"This isnít a fairy tale I canít ride a camel into a well!"

"Oh! But Katie life is a fairy tale and you and I are just one of the chapters."

"Hold on. Iím going to get theÖ" all of a sudden the water got sucked down! In minutes my grandmaís face was gone. Then it sucked me in and right before I hit the bottom Iím back in the bubble. The bubble I started in.

I was in OíConnor and I looked around me and Mr. OíConnor was talking, Jesse was sleeping (whatís new?), Rikki was laughing, and I was thinking about being in a bubble and than boom! I was in a bubble floating out of my desk out of my classroom. Mr. OíConnor didnít even seem to notice I was leaving! As I floated over Lake Tahoe I noticed how beautiful it is than I see LA and Las Vegas and than I canít see Lake Tahoe, LA, or Las Vegas! Then all I can see is desert and than right when I think it canít get any worse it does. My bubble pops! And I become terribly thirsty and I walk and walk and than I clime this sand dun and I see an oasis and I see camels and water! I run as fast as I could for like five minutes! Finally I got there! I walked and suddenly I feel cool and perfect. I looked over at the camels and there were five of them. Four are smiling at me and one is pooping! Lovely huh! But then I saw this blue tent. I look in wondering if someone is here. Nope no one! So I went to get a drink of water and thatís when I see the face of someone very familiar. I think long and hard and I wonder mom? No. Nell? No! "Grandma! What? I canít hear you!"

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