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The curtain dropped. Vibrations seemed to crawl from the bottom to the top of the curtain the minute its material hit the floor. The darkness was shattering. I looked to the left to make sure the other people were still there.

"I wish I hadnít sat on the end!" I thought anxiously.

I was lost in nervous glancing for a few seconds, then the curtain abruptly shot to the sides and three actresses stood with their backs to the audience in poses. I breathed a sigh of relief. I could see the light and hear a tinkle of music in the background. But I had acted too soon. The actors quickly turned around to throw a flamboyant smile towards us. Then as they turned back around in unison, the lights dimmed and lightning pictures flashed on the background. I shut my eyes and realized that this was just the beginning.

The intermission left me breathless and scared. I sat frozen in the cushioned chair for a minute trying to gather my senses. Then slowly and zombie like, I walked up to the snack bar. Grabbing a Hershey bar, I quickly sat back down in my seat. Munching on it and staring out into space I tried to keep my imagination within my own reach. But I did have to take a couple of glances to make sure the people behind me were still looking friendly. When the lights again turned off, I was brought back to reality. It was starting again. Th play picked up where it left off, leaving a look of terror slapped across my face. Then something went wrong. I could tell, as could all the others in the audience. It must not have been such a big deal because the play went on as before, but it was definitely enough to leave a mysterious atmosphere and a worried look on the all the actorsí faces. A scream came from backstage. I was ready to get up and run but I felt as though I had a block of cement on my body, preventing me to even breathe. Then wisps of gray smoke curled up from behind the backgrounds. That was enough to make almost everyone get up. When I saw a quick spray of orange flames rise then drop behind the scene again, I ran as quickly as possible towards the glass door. It crashed open, hitting the wall on the other side. As I glanced over my shoulder, I realized a no one was following me. The fading green grass just a few steps away seemed a mile. When I could finally see it under my own feet, I sprawled across it, my back to the grass, looking up at the sky. The white clouds clashed against the light blue sky. I could hear laughter coming from inside the dreaded building.

"It must have been part of the act." I thought trying to reassure myself. Still, I wasn't going back in there. It had been enough for one day.

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