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Cracky. A documentary.

Cracky. The eight dwarfs, was kicked out of the dwarf family in 1927. He never appeared in the movies because he was in jail. If it had been 1970, It would have been accepted. Unfortunately he was thrown in the jailhouse in jail land. He was finally released 14 years later but still was discouraged. His family still did not accept him because snow white* (*if possible, was whiter than before, and suffering from scurvy) didnít want him because he was a "meany-ball" and not very kind.

Cracky now has issues. He wandered the streets of Manhattan and got involved in organized crime. After a while, he was bored with the crime life and decided to become a "friendly-guy" and not a meany-ball. Snow White finally accepted him but through the organized crime he became fat. Snow White and the other dwarves legally changed his name to "fatty."

"Fatty" was now happy and did not feel dejected anymore. But the next night, Snotty (actually sneezy) came in and gave fatty a free liposuction. His name was legally changed to Skinny and he was rejected from the Dwarves family.

After five more lonely years he joined up with the army but deserted the 212th Air infantry Recon Division C Redeye245. He became an ace pilot but was downed by the Germans in 1944. He then learned the language, became a spy, freed POWs and helped us win the war.

When he came back to America in 1954, (via e-mail yuk yuk.) he went to the forest where he was born and the dwarves lived but he made a stunning revelation. The dwarves had moved to the Metropolis called Metropolisa.

He found the dwarves but was shocked to see what became of them. Cranky became Kind. Grumpy became even more kind than cranky. Dopey became the C.E.O. of a large corporation. Happy became horribly depressed. Doc got a Ph.D. in psychology. Snotty blew his nose one to many times and then became a Neurosurgeon. Bashful became the first dude in space. Snow white was stuck with the worst job of all. She had to be the secretary of all of the dwarves. Cracky re-joined the military and became a General. Unfortunatly, he went to a school to speak to the students but ate a school lunch and fell ill.

The End

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