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In A Bubble

Floating, floating up high. In a bubble? Wow! I was not afraid at all. IN fact I fell asleep in the bubble until there was a sudden jerk. Where was I? Am I dreaming? Now I was confused. I was right in the middle of a large, dry desert. I have no clue which desert I was in but I was sure it was a desert. It is so hot and dry and all the little snakes and animals were trying to seek shelter. There is no place to go. It was like the Earth all of a sudden changed into hot scorching desert. I started to walk so I could maybe find a place rest and get some water. I was so thirsty and dehydrated. I got so tired my arms and legs felt heavy. My knuckles started to drag like a gorilla.

Soon after walking for what seemed like hours, I came upon and oasis. There was a big pool of crystal clear water surrounded by green leafed palm trees and hairy camels. I was saved. I even started to see some sort of tent. But there were no people in the tent.

I walked over and started drinking the water. It was so fresh and good I stuck my whole head in.

I lifted my head up once I was done to see a big whirlpool starting to form. It was spinning and spinning like a tornado. But was strange about this whirlpool was that a face started to appear within it. It wasn’t like any face though, it was just a face. It had huge ears and a huge nose. It was kind of a goofy face. It had 3 hairs sticking out the top of its head. It was really freaking me out.


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