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by Katie Jo

The time I was most confused was when I first went to school. I was in the first grade when I when to school on the Nevada side. I would be the first on outside at recess and I would stand on the monkey bars and yell "CASSIE!" as loud as I could and then little Cassie would come running to my feet! That is when our day really began. I didnít really show a guy that I liked him so Cassie and I came up with a plan. That any guy I liked I would kiss so this what we did. I would show her the guy and then I would yell his name and then she would run up from behind him (she was really strong) and take him down in about 3 seconds and hold him down till I kissed him. Then when I was done with him I would yell next and all the boys would hide! Man! But there was always next recess we had 4 and then there was kids club which was for 2 whole hours. I did that till I was in 3rd grade when I was introduced to the new kids as "Katie Jo the girl you donít want to know!"

Isnít that funny because now I am known as, "Katie Ho" life is so confusing.


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