KM flute player

Class of 2006


Splash Mountain By Ashley

My First Race by Bryan

MUD! by Casey

GS Gates by Cassie

The Accident by Chad

The Accident by Christina

Toe Jam by C..J.  

Blood on the Street: The Story of the Flying Roller Skater by Cody

Water's Rage by Daniel

Look Out! by David

Batting .367 by Derek

The Trip of My Life! by Doug

The Backboard Biff by Elliott

Slip Away by Emma

I Got Lucky by Greg

The Screeching Stop by Holly

Lost Dog by Jamie



I Won't Go Until Greg Is Here To Say Goodbye by Kathryn

The Journey by Kevin

The Marine Challenger by Matt

My First by Max

The Final Challenge by Max


The Boarder That Hits by MeriAlys

My Worst Pain by Michael

Danger by Monica

The Hawaiian Adventures by Nick

The Doomsday Drop by Rob 

The Time I Will Always Remember by Russell

My first time on a quad by Ryan

I Broke my Pinkie at PE Class by Samantha


The Gold Earrings by Jayme  

My Olympic Dream by Jeremy  

Spinning and Spinning Out Of Control by John

The Head by Jon

Rock Hard by Josh

Wipeout by Justin

My Great Shot by Allison

The Fly Ball by Maria

WOW! That's Far Down by Sean

My First Stitches by Sebastian

The Rope Swing By Shane

Once in a Lifetime by Spencer

MY DOG by Stacey

The Dazzling Ship by Stewart

Center Stage by Tara

My Playful Puppy by Tim

The Things I Do for Christmas Presents by Sarah

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