KM Cave Painting of Flute Player

Class of 2005


Like a Hurricane by Abe

The Day I Became Cinderella by Amy

Locker Trouble by Andrew

Remembrance by Andrew

One of My Most Exciting Softball Games by Anna

At Last We Meet by Ariana

Memory Cloud by Bailey

Attack of the Possessed Goose by Ben

Waiting for the Phone Call by Ben

The Split Second Moment by Brehnan

An Amazing Game by Brian

Full Count by Brian

Frosting Doesn't Smell by Camille

The Run by Chris

The Biggest Day of the Year by Claudia

She’s Gone by Schuyler

Midnight Surprise



Somebody Stole Our Balloon! by Jamie

Waltinomo Falls, and So Do I! by Jared

The Best Run of My Life by Jerel

The Time I was in A Lot of Pain! by Jesse  

Puppy Love by Kylene

So Close by Marco 

Excruciating Pain by Marcus

A Visit to the Hospital by Maria

The Slide by Max

The Price of Revenge by Nick

Diamonds Flowing from my Eyes by Nika

My Skiing Adventure by Ryan

One Hundred Stitches by Sarah

The Day I Got Hit by Sara

Bat Mitzvah Blues

The Fool by Sarah


Zapp! by Scott  

The Best Day Ever by Shane

Let's Get Ready To Rumble by Stephen

The Mistaken Identity by Tiffany

My Fantastic Trip to Australia by Tim

Hidden Talents by Tina

It's A Boy by Whitney

The Dancing Shame by Kenny

Excruciating Pain by Holly

True Pain by Colin

My Best Vacations by Daniela 

My Trip to Magic Mountain Six Flags by Ernesto

My trip to Hawaii by Garret

My First Step by GARRETT

The Day I Will Never Forget by Greg

The Day I Will Love by Ivonne

My 5 Seconds of Fame by Jake

The Day My Head Met the Pavement by Jackie

The Peak by Russel


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