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On Teaching Writing

It's been said there are two kinds of writing teachers: those who assign it and those who teach it. Putting pen to paper (or finger to key) can be the start of an inspiring and complex process, or it can be a painful exercise in frustration. Writing efforts might lead to a poem, play, story, or shopping list, or there might be a trash can full of crumpled first drafts. This course is designed to help you and your students write well (rather than crumple)!

As teachers, you have all had dark moments chained to a desk piled high with ungraded essays, wading through papers that were dull, error ridden, or off topic. Some were so muddled you just didn't know where to start. Many times students feel "muddled" about every writing task they are assigned. When asked to write a short autobiographical story, they shut down, helpless and clueless. Mass amnesia infects the classroom. "Nothing's ever happened to me," is the common response. These potential writers are struggling for ideas. As you will see, well-developed and detailed ideas are essential traits of good writing.

As a teacher trained in the Writing Process and 6-Traits, you will know how to help your students organize and articulate their experiences. Using a traits-based approach you will show them the way, step by step, to good writing.

Here you will find resources, advice, lesson plans, and opportunities for further training. Teaching and learning about writing is a life long process. Being trained in the traits will help you enjoy the process each year, class, day, and student at a time!

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