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Teaching and Assessing Writing with the 6-Traits


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6-Traits Resources

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Resources by Trait:

Great Places to Find 6-Traits Materials

Student Samples & Demonstration Papers

Overviews & Rubric Rewrites

Using Literature to Teach the Traits

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Great Places to Find 6-Traits Materials (Top):

The Writer's Book Shelf My picks for books about writing and Traits assessment you MUST have!

Writing Fix A Non-Profit site for writers and teachers from the Northern Nevada Writing Project. Quality information from people who work in writing classrooms. Check it out!

Student Samples & 6-Trait Demonstration Papers (Top):

Education Northwest (formerly NWREL) Scoring
. Here you'll find scoring guides (rubrics) and story examples categorized by grade level, trait, and score. A good way to calibrate your sense of any given Trait.

KMSoul, Stories from the Middle. A publication of 7/8 narrative stories that have been assessed on the Nevada 4 Trait Rubric. (Nevada does not assess Word Choice or Sentence Fluency.) Scores are not revealed for samples in the main databank.

Overviews & 6-Trait Rubric Rewrites (Top):

Rewriting & the Six Traits of Effective Writing by Jamie McKenzie. © 1998, J.McKenzie, all rights reserved. (Permission for use in this class has been granted by the author.) Take a look at this fine re-translation of the 6+1 TRAITS™Rubric by web-ed guru Jamie McKenzie.

Dear Parent: A handbook for parents of six-trait writing students (PDF) It's essential to get parents on board with your 6-trait approach to writing. Here's a parent handbook to help.

Crosswalk Between 6+1 Traits and CCSS English Language Arts Standards for Writing and Language | Education Northwest This guide will help you understand the relationship between the Traits and the Common Core Standards. Concentration is on the following modes: Argument, Informative/Explanatory, Narrative

Using Literature to Teach the 6-Traits (Top):

Resources & Books that illustrate each trait.

Mentor Texts Picture book lessons. Great resources from the WritingFix.

Mentor Texts Lessons: Inspired by Chapter Book Excepts. A WritingFix Workshop.